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Sprucing up the Palace

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As we prepare to welcome you back to the Royal Pavilion, a small hardworking team are busy having a deep clean to ensure it’s looking its spectacular best for your return.

Thank you team!

Lucy and Alexia have been cleaning the bamboo-style stairs in the Royal Pavilion. They have to be gentle, using a soft brush to dust the particles into a vacuum cleaner. Some of the features on the banister are intricate, so these gather dust, and some are difficult to reach – hence the long brush! They also cleaned behind the brass grills on the stairs and unearthed a bounty of dust bunnies, building debris and two intriguing pieces of patterned cloth –  age to be determined.

Nicki is giving the Royal Pavilion shop a thorough clean:

Bernada is busy cleaning skirting boards and retouching the organ in the Music Room:

And Gaye is taking care of the front desk:

Gaye and her team have all done a fantastic job, just some of their achievements include: