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HA230608 – The Hove Amber Cup

Published by: Gillian Ditch
HA230608 – The Hove Amber Cup

Part of the One Minute Wonders trail, a story written by one of our volunteers, inspired by objects on display.

By Gillian Ditch

I see a beautiful amber drinking vessel that resembles a teacup. It is the colour my hair used to be. Who made it?

I wonder what they drank from this cup? Was it water, milk, or mead? Or was it only used on special occasions, like a crystal glass?

I imagine the owner of the cup sitting with others at a table and telling tales of the day or ancient stories.

Perhaps the owner once walked along the shore near Hove with dogs by their side wondering at the size of the waves.

It is likely this rare cup belonged to a special person, a leader perhaps. I wonder what other objects they were buried with. What would I choose?

HA230608 – The Hove Amber Cup