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Revitalising the Iconic Bamboo Staircase

Conservation work on the lights in the Royal Pavilion by the Bamboo Staircase

As you stroll through the historic corridors of the Royal Pavilion, it’s hard not to notice the revitalised charm of the Bamboo Stairs. This iconic staircase, a jewel in the Pavilion’s crown, has recently been the subject of meticulous attention and care.

The laylights above the staircases, a source of natural light and elegance, had begun to show signs of wear. This prompted the installation of scaffolds, allowing for a closer inspection by our dedicated team. Jo, our Historic Premises Manager, has been at the helm of this vital operation, ensuring that each check and repair is conducted with precision and care.

The Conservation team, has worked tirelessly to address issues of cracked glazing and provided essential support for the delicate glass panes. Their work hasn’t stopped there; they’ve also been busy cleaning the glass sections above and touching up the surrounding paintwork, restoring the laylights to their former glory.

In addition, they have been dealing with the concerns around flaking paint, a task requiring a keen eye and a steady hand. Meanwhile, our newcomers, Emily and Dominic, have taken on the task of cleaning the coving beneath the laylights and a particularly intricate glass shade at the South End.

The scaffolds are set to be removed next Tuesday evening, and we encourage all our visitors to take a moment to admire the refreshed appearance of the Bamboo Stairs. This isn’t just a facelift; it’s a testament to the dedication, teamwork, and skill behind the scenes at the Royal Pavilion.

We’re immensely proud of our team’s efforts and are excited for you to see their handiwork. The Bamboo Stairs aren’t just a means of getting from one floor to another; they’re a piece of history, lovingly preserved and now gleaming anew.

Conservation work on the lights in the Royal Pavilion by the Bamboo Staircase
Bamboo staircase in the Royal Pavilion