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Hove Museum Refresh

The Wizard in the Wizard's Attic Gallery in Hove. A model wizard sleeps in a hammock hanging from the ceiling in the gallery.

A huge thank you to all our staff who have been working hard at Hove Museum of Creativity over the last few weeks. A huge amount has been achieved and we hope our visitors will be able to see the impact of the many, many hours people have put in.

Among the areas receiving a little tlc were

  • A new and beautifully, calming, Spring like exhibition Moo: When the Cows come Home has been installed featuring some of the many cow paintings we have in the collection.
  • In Gallery 2 the curatorial team has worked together to showcase some amazing cow-inspired objects from across all of our collections in a return of the display What’s In the Box?
  • The Gallery also now features paintings of famous Hove landmarks past and present, and a new dedicated visitor feedback point for both adults and children so you can tell us what else you would like to see.
  • VSOs have worked tirelessly spring cleaning and sorting both back-of-house and front-of-house areas so Hove is gleaming, whilst endlessly answering doors, finding keys and generally assisting staff.
  • The shop has been restocked and now features a range of fantastic cow-related products.
  • Decorators have repainted galleries and spruced up high-traffic areas such as corridors.
  • Our technicians have managed to repair the film reels in the film gallery, the broken interactive in the local history gallery and the mechanical toy film in the toy gallery.
  • The amber cup exhibit has been reinstated with the replica amber cup in situ as well as tactile archaeology interactives.
  • Optical toy gallery interactives have been returned to the film galleries and the cinema seats have been reupholstered.
  • All galleries have been dusted at height, brushed down, tops of cases and plinths cleaned, and open display objects cleaned.
  • New lights have been installed in all cases in the Wizard’s Attic and the train track has been uncovered.
  • New lighting has also been installed in the film and craft galleries.
  • And of course lots of tea has been drunk and biscuits eaten and it was great to have an opportunity for a cross section of staff working so closely!

Hove Museum of Creativity has now reopened. Do pop along to see the improvements and let us know what you think.

The Wizard in the Wizard's Attic Gallery in Hove. A model wizard sleeps in a hammock hanging from the ceiling in the gallery.
What's in the Box display at Hove. Many stacked bright blue glass fronted cases display cow related objects.
What's in the Box display at Hove