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Puffer fish from the Booth Museum

Funny Bones
One hour session and independent museum time
Booth Museum of Natural History

Available to book on Tuesdays or Wednesdays 10.00am or 11.30am

Discover a world of amazing creatures from the Booth Museum’s collection.

This exciting hands-on session will give your students the opportunity to learn all about animal skeletons, movement, diet and adaptation. They’ll be getting close-up with some unusual and incredible teeth and bones!

  • Please let us know of any SEND needs of your class before your visit.
  • Please ensure suitable adult supervision.
  • This session is 1 hour but we encourage groups to spend extra time at the museum. There is the opportunity for drawing and investigation of other specimens. You’re welcome to bring your own art books.

Aims of the session

  1. To understand that humans and some animals have skeletons inside their bodies, and to explore how these are related to movement, support and protection.
  2. To make comparisons between the skeletons of humans and other vertebrates.
  3. To understand what the design of bones can tell us about the lifestyles of different animals
  4. To learn that studying skulls and teeth can tell us about an animal’s diet.
  5. To recognise how different animals have evolved and adapted specific body parts and how this is key to survival.

Curriculum Links

KS1/2/3 Animals including Humans/Living Things and their habitats.

Cross Curriculum Links • Literacy • Numeracy • Geography • Art • DT •

Extra Resources

Materials you can use in class before your visit

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Puffer fish from the Booth Museum
Image of a poster at Hove saying "Have fun but please don't run."

School Online Resources

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Image of a poster at Hove saying "Have fun but please don't run."