Theatrical in style

The elaborate Banqueting Room is highly theatrical in style, a perfect backdrop to the magnificent feasts that George IV would have offered his courtiers and guests. Lengthy banquets often included up to 70 different dishes.

Royal Pavilion Banqueting Room
Royal Pavilion Banqueting Room

A stunning centrepiece

The room’s imaginative design was the work of Robert Jones, a talented artist of the day. His Royal Pavilion Banqueting Room dazzling design included a shallow dome, canopies and decorative wall canvases depicting Chinese domestic scenes.

Royal Pavilion Banqueting Room ceiling

His spectacular chandelier – 30 feet high and weighing one ton – hangs from the claws of a silvered dragon at the apex of the ceiling. Below, six smaller dragons breathe light through lotus glass shades. The chandelier was lit by oil lamps and candles creating an ‘artificial day’.

A table fit for a king

The impressive table setting is based on an 1826 print depicting the dessert course.

Many of the exquisite displays of silver gilt would have been placed on the sideboards facing the light to show off George’s wealth and status to full effect.

Royal Pavilion Banqueting Room

Regency style

The room is furnished with original lamp stands, made of blue jars of Spode china with ormolu dragon mounts.

On the window wall is an original sideboard, on loan from HM The Queen, veneered in satinwood with carved and giltwood dragons. The collection of Regency silver gilt is the most important of its kind anywhere on public view.