Our audio guide tells the story of the Royal Pavilion and its creator, King George IV. Full of fascinating facts and background information, the audio tour leads visitors through the palace room by room.

The tour is accessed through your smartphone. It is available in several different languages. In addition to the main tour of the royal palace, you can also follow a tour for children or focus on the story of the Royal Pavilion’s used as a WW1 hospital.


Accessing the audio guide

The audio guide is a free web app. There is no need to download it in advance of your visit, but it does require a live data connection. You can either use your 4G data connection or the free WiFi in the building. (However, please note that we cannot assist large groups with accessing our WiFi.)

The audio guide can be accessed at new.paviliontour.uk or by scanning the QR code below:

Instructions for use can be found on the app. We recommend that you bring along your own headphones.

Key features

The audio guide is available in English, French, Spanish, German, Chinese and Russian.

Four different tours are available in English:

  • Basic Tour: a simple tour of the palace with one story per room.
  • Extended Tour: the Basic Tour plus additional stories about George IV’s life and zoomable historic images.
  • WW1 Hospital Tour: discover how the Royal Pavilion was transformed into a First World War hospital.
  • Kid’s Tour: a tour that children can enjoy while following their family through the building.
  • Mindful Garden: an experimental short tour of the Royal Pavilion Garden.