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A winding path in the Royal Pavilion Garden

Project Timeline

  • Please note that the dates below are to be used as a guide only and are subject to change linked to planning decisions and possible conditions, as well as any conditions linked to a successful bid outcome.
  • The whole project duration is about 3 years long. However, this includes project delivery of additional surveys and research, volunteer recruitment as well as the planning, trialling and implementation of activity and interpretation plans. The capital work element of the project will last for approximately one year from summer 2025 to spring 2026.
Key Stages Dates
NLHF bid announcement December2023 /January 2024
Project start (e.g. further surveys, activity and interpretation planning and trialling etc) January/February 2024
RIBA Stage 4 January/February 2024 – August/September 2024
Tender process for Garden capital works (e.g. toilets, learning space, path renewal, installation of new fence and railings etc)


October/November 2024 – December 2024/January 2025


Capital work programme and timeline confirmed May/June 2025
Capital works in Garden – RIBA Stage 5 May/June 2025-February/March 2026
Capital works complete (handover and snagging) – RIBA Stage 6 June 2026-May 2027
Project evaluation complete March 2027
A winding path in the Royal Pavilion Garden