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New look, new website

Screen grab of online quiz showing questions and a winged insect.

Our new website has gone live today, along with the new look and name for our museum service.

We are now known as Brighton & Hove Museums, with a modern new look and logo focused on the &, known as an ampersand. This comes from the fact that Brighton & Hove is the only city in the UK that uses an ampersand in its name.

Our new website has been completely redesigned, with a more attractive and accessible layout. It should be much easier to locate information about our exhibition and event programme, along with our commercial services.

It should also be much easier to browse through our online collections and stories. Alongside the new website we have launched a new facility for searching our digitised collections. You can now zoom in on thousands of hi-res images of objects in our collection, and even use our Exhibit tool to create your own interactive stories and quizzes.

Screen grab of online quiz showing questions and a winged insect.
JJ Waller 2022

Built in Brighton & Hove

We’ve worked with several talented local companies and individuals to create the new brand and website. These include:

  • Baxter & Bailey who have developed the brand identity and website
  • Mnemoscene who developed our online collections and Exhibit
  • JJ Waller who shot most of the new photography
  • Sheep Films who created the animated video on the home page

You can learn more about the thinking behind the brand and website in this Design Week feature.

JJ Waller 2022