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My Policemen costumes worn by Harry Styles and Emma Corrin on display at Brighton Museum & Art Gallery

Cover of the book My Policeman featuring Harry Styles

Tuesday 15 November – 27 November 2022

The police uniform worn by singer and actor Harry Styles in the hit film My Policeman will be on display at the Brighton Museum & Art Gallery today (Tuesday 15 Nov) for just under a fortnight.

The wedding dress worn by actor Emma Corrin will also be part of the flash exhibition to celebrate the launch of the film which is based in Brighton & Hove.

Exploring forbidden love and changing social conventions, My Policeman tells the story of a love triangle between three young people, policeman Tom (Harry Styles), teacher Marion (Emma Corrin), and Brighton Museum curator Patrick (David Dawson), as they embark on an emotional journey in 1950s Brighton.

My Policeman is available now on Prime Video

The film, based on the novel by Brighton author Bethan Roberts, features Brighton Museum as the setting for many of the story’s key moments. Last week, Bethan gave a talk at Brighton Museum about her inspiration for the novel.

Textiles and Costume Curator for Brighton & Hove Museums Martin Pel said:” It’s fabulous to have these costumes on display for everyone to see. They are beautiful costumes, authentic for the time with great attention to detail. We’re grateful to Prime Video for sharing them with us. “

The uniforms are on loan for just under a fortnight in the Fashion & Style Gallery which draws on collections dating from the 1500s to the present day. It showcases the history of dress and the unique, rebellious spirit of Brighton & Hove.

Within the gallery, the Renegade collection highlights fashion as a tool of rebellion. Here, you’ll see clothing that represents a range of sub-cultures associated with Brighton, from Mods & Rockers, Teddy Boys, Skaters and Goths to Travellers and Hippies.

We have also created a special display focusing on Queer Looks. Developed by a Young Project Team to celebrate the stories of LGBTQ+ individuals in the Greater Brighton area, it’s an example of the way clothing can express an individual identity and, at the same time, instil a sense of belonging.

Visitors can also see the Queer the Pier gallery a community curated display on local LGBTIQA+ history. Celebrating the lives of the writers, artists, performers, activists and ordinary people who have made Brighton & Hove so fabulous, their stories are brought to life with film and photography, fashion and drag and oral histories.

Costumes and images kindly provided by Prime Video.

My Policeman is available now on Prime Video.

Cover of the book My Policeman featuring Harry Styles