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Selection of old flying toys, including model aeroplanes and mouth riding a broomstick.

Wizard's Attic

Selection of yous including a model bus with a fabric mouse sitting on top.

Rediscover childhood favourites in gallery displays drawn from our extensive toy collection. From teddies and trains, to dolls and dolls houses, there’s something here for all the family.

Tucked away upstairs at Hove Museum you’ll find the Wizard’s Attic, a treasure trove of toys dating back to the 18th century. Children – and their parents – will rediscover many old favourites here, and can compare them with toys enjoyed by previous generations. There’s even a recreation of a child’s bedroom divided in two, with one half set in the 1890s and the other in the early 21st century.

Selection of yous including a model bus with a fabric mouse sitting on top.

Dolls from around the world

Our displays include an extensive doll collection, with 19th-century examples from France and Germany, and English Pierotti portrait dolls of the Royal family from the early 1900s.

You’ll see dolls’ houses in different architectural styles, plus 19th-century German construction toys, Lego and Meccano. From model cars, planes and trains to farm animals, spinning tops and cards, you’ll find wonderful examples here. Old prams and tricycles hang overhead, while drawers at low level open to reveal Russian dolls and tiny china tea sets.

Memories of childhood

Some of the toys here are brand-new. Others – including some beautiful teddy bears – have clearly been much loved. Either way, they evoke not just the era in which they were made, but also our own memories and experiences.