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WW2 Brighton beach barricades, 1944

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Image of the Month: February 2019

February’s image of the month is a black and white photograph showing barricades used on Brighton beach during World War II.

Barbed wire on Brighton Beach

Wartime barricades on Brighton seafront, 1944

It was taken from the slope leading down to King’s Road Esplanade and shows a view looking East towards the Palace Pier, which was closed down during the war.

Barbed wire has been wrapped around the railings, and two cement blocks have been placed on the slope.

After the British retreat from Dunkirk and the French surrender of June 1940, the south coast was left dangerously exposed and Brighton’s beaches were closed at 5pm on 2 July 1940. Defence measures were put in place along the beach including mines, barbed wire and barricades.