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Who is the man in the mirror? A mysterious photo from Preston Manor

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Have you ever been startled by an unexpected reflection in a mirror? One of our volunteers at Preston Manor recently took a photograph that captured an unexpected guest.

If you look carefully at the image you may see the face of a man reflected in a mirror. Given Preston Manor’s reputation as a haunted house, some have speculated that this could be the image of a ghost.

A more obvious explanation is that this is a visitor to the manor captured by accident. But the volunteer had carefully checked that no one else was in the room when taking the photograph, and it has proven surprisingly difficult to replicate the photograph in subsequent attempts.

What do you think? This is certainly not the first time a mysterious figure has appeared on a photograph in Preston Manor. Back in 2010 a visitor captured the apparent image of a young boy in a photo he shared with us.

The manor may be closed to most visitors during the winter season, but perhaps we have more guests than we realise…

Nicola Adams, Digital Marketing Officer

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