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What on Earth is going on in Box 9?

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There is a suspicious gent and a headless lady

a man is hanging out with spirits

a ‘ghost’ is tormenting poor villagers

Death is greeting a drinking man

Hamlet is chatting with his father’s ghost

and a witch has made herself comfortable in the corner

– she better beware because lucky stones ward off spells

perhaps the black cat will protect her. But where is its body – on Hallowe’en?

Object List

  1. Suspicious Gent and Headless Lady, 2002, by Rachel Larkins
  2. Copy of ‘spirit’ photograph, c.1900, possibly taken by Mary Burkett in Brighton
  3. Creamware jug, c.1800. Inscribed: The Parson was brought in a horrible fright/To allay a mere turnip on a mopstick/Which an unlucky boy had placed in the porch/And in it alight a most terrible torch.
  4. Creamware jug, c.1790, by Thomas Fletcher. Inscribed: ‘To speed his draught grim death appears.
  5. Pot with lid, c.1860, F & R Pratt & Co; Jesse Austin
  6. Witch puppet – details unknown
  7. Three pebbles known as Witch Stones or Lucky Stones, with natural holes. From a cottage in the Eastdean area. Pre 1939.
  8. Toy cat, possibly Felix the Cat, c.1920 –30

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Lucy Faithful, Collections Assistant