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Virtual Walkthroughs of our Museums

This is a legacy story from an earlier version of our website. It may contain some formatting issues and broken links.

Popping into your local museum may not be an option while under lockdown, but there are a few ways in which you can virtually visit our galleries from the safety of your home.

Royal Pavilion

360 Saloon

The spectacular Saloon reopened to the public in 2018 after a long and detailed restoration.

This 360 degree panorama was captured by photographer Jim Holden shortly before the room reopened to the public. While it doesn’t allow you to move to any other rooms, there is plenty of fine detail to see.

You can also flip between two different views. The Visitor view provides a clear view of the decorative detail. The Information view contains clickable hotspots with details about the restoration process.

Royal Pavilion walkthrough

You can enjoy three of the Pavilion’s most popular rooms in this virtual tour: the Banqueting Room, the Music Room and the Great Kitchen.

Each room is accompanied by a sample from the audio guide.

You can also use the tour to see the Red Drawing Room, a room that is not part of the public route. This tour is available in seven different languages.

Booth Museum of Natural History

Osteology gallery

It may lack the visual splendour of the Royal Pavilion but the Booth Museum has its own wonders.

Once again photographed by Jim Holden you can take a walk through the Osteology gallery and examine the animal skeletons on display.

You can also see our impressive killer whale, who is currently waiting to go on display in Cornwall.

Preston Manor

A more playful approach to presenting the house, Murder in the Manor is a fictional murder mystery based in the real rooms.

Murder in the Manor intro screen

You can explore eight rooms of the manor covering both upstairs and downstairs.

If you want to take part in the game, follow the stories written by Little Green Pig and a team of young writers. If not, you can simply enjoy the ambience of a grand Edwardian house.

3D models

If you like virtual walkthroughs, you may also want to immerse yourself in these 3D models of the Royal Pavilion Estate by Colin Jones. Both offer a 360 degree panorama from a fixed viewpoint, but there is plenty to see.

Royal Pavilion Estate today

This shows the Royal Pavilion Estate as it can be seen today. It features audio commentary by curator Alexandra Loske.

Repton’s Pavilion

This view shows the Royal Pavilion Estate as it might have looked, based on unrealised designs by Humphrey Repton.

You can read more about Repton’s designs and see a digitised copy of his 1808 book in our Tales from the Pavilion Archive.

Kevin Bacon, Digital Manager