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VE Day Friday Draw and Create

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Friday 8th May is the VE Day 75th Anniversary of the end of World War 2. As part of the Mid-Week Draw weekly drawing sessions I organise at Brighton Museum, I thought it would be fun to come up with a few creative ideas around this special theme.

Have a go and have fun!

Make a simple Dove of Peace origami model

I made a couple of doves to let you see how effective they are.

Dove of Peace origami model

You can download these origami instructions from our online image website

Created by Beth Burr

Or watch instructions on how to make the doves on YouTube

You can upload your model and see if we can make a flock of peace doves!

Have a go at sketching the Peace Statue in Hove

King Edward’s Memorial, Brighton, otherwise known as the Peace Statue

Peace Statue, Hove. 11th November 1939

Design your own VE Day Commemorative coin

Here is a coin I designed to give you some ideas. 

VE Day coin design

You can download the coin template from our online image website

Created by Beth Burr

Join In

You can send your drawings and designs to us, so we can all see your brilliant artwork. Email them to Beth at 

Tweet @BrightonMuseums or if you are uploading them to Facebook with pride, share the url in the comments section below.

Happy drawing!

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