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‘There are two sides to every question, and two teams to every Football match’ – a 1930s’ guide to appreciating football from Brighton & Hove Albion

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As the 2018 FIFA World Cup enters its latter stages, we thought we’d take a look at our football related collections for guidance on how to cope with the highs and lows that might present themselves as the tournament progresses.

Page from 1930s Brighton & Hove Albion programme. Titled 'Points to Remember'

Writing in Brighton & Hove Albion FC’s Supporters’ Club handbook for the 1930-1931 season, ‘Impartial’ offers a few ‘Points still worth Remembering’ to spectators of the great game. Here are a couple of our favourites:

  • ‘A football player is also a human being. Like the rest of us he is liable to his “off” day.’
  • ‘Encouragement and support when things are going wrong are the finest tonics. Give it them.’
  • ‘Linesmen are there to assist the Referee, if required. They don’t care two straws which side wins.’

How many of these points do you think remain relevant in today’s game? Whatever you think, we hope you enjoy the remainder of this year’s tournament.

Below are a few other images from the handbook.

Dan Robertson, Curator of Local History