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Talks and Tales at The Fringe of the Booth!

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It’s May in Brighton and that means the Brighton Fringe Festival, the largest arts festival in England, is back! And once more the Booth is host to a couple of events.

Our first event is a talk by our former writer in residence Mick Jackson, on the many fascinating finds he found whilst exploring the collections for a year, and how these finds have inspired him. His talk, Animal Magic, promises to be entertaining and will include a bar for refreshments, will occur this Friday evening (20th May) from 8pm.

Mick Jackson

Mick Jackson

Our second event is the first to be put on in house, and managed by the Museum as opposed to an external production company. It is a performance of an original play which premièred at last year’s fringe festival, to 5 star reviews. This play, the Tale of Tommy O’Quire, is a cautionary tale which will take place as a promenade performance around the Booth Museum, using displays and objects as part of the performance.

The first rehearsals in the space have brought a real sense of drama to the museum, and the lighting and sound effects used in the play have transformed a familiar space into something new to those staff based at the Booth, and the images here help to give a taste of these!

So come and see these events at the Booth Museum! Profits for both of will go directly towards running the museum. And I leave you with a taster of the performance read by our lead actor Tom Dussek!

Lee Ismail, Curator of Natural Sciences