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Remix the Museum 2019: Young People’s Environmental Animations

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During the summer holidays, Remix the Museum ran animation workshops for young people at Brighton Museum and the Booth Museum, using collections to share messages around extinction and the environment.

A gallery with animations prejected on the wall on the right hand side with a bench in front. A door in the background.

Animations on display in Brighton Museum

Remix the Museum is a youth programme in which young people create animations inspired by museum collections. In the most recent workshops, young people created stop-motion animations to raise awareness of environmental issues and extinction with the help of animator Dave Packer.

The workshops started with tours of the Booth Museum and Brighton Museum by staff, specifically focusing on collections relating to extinction and the environment. Some striking topics used by animators include poaching of leopards, the effect of plastic pollution on turtles and the effect of global warming on polar bears’ habitats. However, some animators decided to focus on positive change in the environment, such as the Adonis blue butterfly species population recently increasing.

A gallery with animations prejected on the wall on the left hand side.

Animations on display in Brighton Museum

One environmentally-conscious young person decided to create an animation of lifestyle changes they would make to help the environment such as picking up litter, using more eco-friendly methods of transport and spending more time at the park.

After choosing their topics, the young animators began taking photos of objects in the museums and creating drawings to use in their animations. A lot of attention to detail went into creating the videos; keep an eye out for the opening jaw of a rhino skull or the moving arms of a sun bear.

One young person was so inspired that she wanted “to try doing [her] own animations based on the environment at home.”

The animations are currently on display on the South Balcony in Brighton Museum & Art Gallery.

[arve url=”” align=”center” title=”Remix the Museum: Environment and Extinction Animations” description=”Animations created by young people at animation workshops at Royal Pavilion & Museums with Remix the Museum. The theme is environment and extinction and they are inspired by museum collections.” /]

Tasha Brown, Museum Futures Trainee