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Pink Floyd in Brighton, 1970

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On this day in 1970, Pink Floyd played at the Dome in Brighton.

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Even though Pink Floyd were a well established band at this point, the poster did its best to give a visual flavour of their music for the unfamiliar. The swirl of the Milky Way references space-themed songs such as ‘Interstellar Overdrive’ and ‘Astronomy Domine’. The pink universe is a reminder of the band’s roots in psychedelic pop.

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Later that year, Pink Floyd returned to Brighton to play at the Big Apple, a venue above the Regent Cinema in Queen’s Road. The Big Apple only ran for a few months, but it hosted an impressive line up of bands including T Rex (then known as Tyrannosaurus Rex), Fleetwood Mac, and Status Quo.

Pink Floyd would return to Brighton again in January 1972 when they played at the Dome once more. This was their most famous gig in Brighton as it was the first public performance of their classic album Dark Side of the Moon.

Kevin Bacon, Digital Manager