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Pavilion Review 1990

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Index to articles published in the Pavilion Review in 1990.

Number 1

Pavilion Review 1990, issue 1

Pavilion Review 1990, issue 1

New Acquisition: Sir William Beechey’s Portrait of William Porden

Recounts the secured acquisition of a portrait of architect William Porden (1775-1822), by Sir William Beechey. Porden was appointed as architect to the Prince of Wales in 1802.

The Entrance Hall Clerestory Windows by Anne Sowden

The author provides an account of the process of restoring the decorative windows in the entrance hall at the Royal Pavilion. The article also points up the meaning of the symbols incorporated into the design in relation to Chinese mythology, specifically the use of the dragon and particular types of fish.

The Chinese Connection

Recounts the donation of a number of teapots, which had been displayed at Brighton Museum. The article considers the introduction of tea to Britain and its relationship to issues of design, including the connection between related tea artefacts with chinoiserie.

The Stanford Estate in Brighton and Hove

An article that follows the financial aspect of the Stanford family in relation to Preston Manor. The article bears out the family’s legacy within Brighton and Hove.

Number 2

Pavilion Review 1990, issue 2

Pavilion Review 1990, issue 2

One Hundred and Not Out!

Recounts the celebration of the centenary of the Booth Museum, and considers the Museum’s development as well as its relevance to Brighton and Hove.

Honey-Bees Galore

The article explores the recent growth in population of bees and also considers their life patterns.

Wildlife Beneath the Waves

As part of Brighton’s Wildlife & Habitat Survey, this article focuses on the investigation into the local coastline, specifically the Marina.

Stamp Bugs at the Booth!

Recounts the effects of a recent donation of a stamp collection and its relationship, specifically, to the identification of butterflies at the Booth Museum.

Redecoration of the 20th Century Gallery

The article recounts the redecoration of the twentieth-century gallery at Brighton Museum to its original colour scheme, emphasizing the process of redecoration as well as recounting a number of the previous uses of the building itself.

Treasures from the deep

Recounts the donation of a collection of shells, some of which are on display at the Booth Museum.

William Moon – a Forgotten Pioneer

Recounts the achievements of William Moon, a resident to nineteenth-century Brighton, who created a more accessible system of Braille. Donations relating to his life and work have been given to Brighton Museum.

New Acquisition for Preston Manor: Percy Macquoid’s Portrait of Theresa Dent

Recounts the recent donation of a portrait of Theresa Dent by Percy Macquoid to Preston Manor. The article provides an account of the couples’ relationship to the arts as well as to Brighton and Hove.

The Graces : Royal Decorators 1768-1899

Recounts the interiors, by the Crace family, during the nineteenth-century with regards to the decorative schemes of a number of country houses and palaces, including their work at the Royal Pavilion. The interior schemes by the Crace family provided the theme for a recent exhibition and series of seminars.

Number 3

Pavilion Review 1990, issue 3

Pavilion Review 1990, issue 3

New Acquisition: Sake Deen Mahomed’s Silver Cup

The article recounts the life of Sake Deen Mahomed, both personal, and his influence on Brighton as a place to visit for health reviving properties.

Princely Papers: The Regency Revival of Chinese Wallpapers

Recounts the fashionablity of Chinese wallpapers during the Regency period. The article acknowledges the influence of the Prince Regent and the Royal Pavilion and details the history of wallpaper as an export trade.

Harry Morley, The Judgement of Paris

Describes the recent acquisition of The Judgement of Paris, 1929 in relation to contemporary art movements at the time (specifically that of modernism) as welt as exploring the painters attitude to the relation of art to the past.

Willett Collection – Loans Abroad

Recounts the incorporation of artefacts from the Willett collection within exhibitions abroad; one, with the exhibition theme of the British reaction to the French Revolution of 1789, the other takes the theme of sports and entertainment.

George Tinworth (1843 – 1913)

Recounts the life and works of sculptor and modeller George Tinworth, focusing on his relationship with Daulton and the exhibition at Brighton Museum.

Gideon Algernon Mantell (1790 – 1852) Doctor of Medicine and Dinosaurs

Recounts the life and work of the Sussex geologist and Doctor of Medicine in relation to an exhibition and three-day symposium held in relation to the Booth Museum as part of the bicentenary celebrations.