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Pavilion Review 1985

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Index to articles published in the Pavilion Review in 1985.

Number 1

Pavilion Review 1985, issue 1

Pavilion Review 1985, issue 1

Chinese Paintings for the Pavilion

Discusses the recently acquired sets of paintings, from China dating around 1800, by the Brighton Museum and Art Gallery. The article points up the paintings’ subject matter in relation to issues of trade. The forthcoming exhibition concerned with China trade us also promoted.

Architect of the North Gate

The article takes the architect, Joseph Henry Good as its focus and the recent acquisition of his portrait by an unknown artist.

Norman Hartnell – Royal Dress Designer

The article focuses on the lifetime’s work of fashion designer, Norman Hartnell, with specific reference to his royal clients as well as his designs for Bekertex.

The Pride of Brighton

Provides a brief outline of the development of the building of Brighton Museum and Library.

Comedy Characters for the Brighton Festival

Recounts the exhibition held at Brighton Museum on the issue of Harlequin, Punch and Pierrot that coincided with the theme of Brighton Festival during 1985.

Number 2

Pavilion Review 1985, issue 2

Pavilion Review 1985, issue 2

Beating Time

Discusses the recently acquired ‘Chinese drummer-boy’ clock in relation to a very similar clock known to be at the Royal Pavilion at the time of George IV.

Treasures from Sussex Houses

Critique of an exhibition held at Brighton Museum of artefacts from collections around East and West Sussex (mostly from country houses). The article focuses on a number of objects, an ‘Adam and Eve’ font, a silver wine-cistern, or cooler, a suit of armour, a 44-pound salmon caught by Millais and a number of paintings, specifically by Pre-Raphaelites, including the portraits of Burne-Jones’ wife and daughter.

Bringing up the Whale

Discusses the process of retrieving the skeleton of a Fin Whale, which had been washed up at Bexhill, for a museum piece at the Booth Museum.

Heading for the Med

In connection with a new display of watercolours at Brighton Museum, the article explores the tradition of a number of British artists who travelled to the Mediterranean in search of subject matter.

From Classroom to Museum

Recounts the Community Programme of supplying ‘resource packs’ to local school to link up with visits to the museum, which formed a display at Brighton Museum, as well as a future project involving oral history.

Booklet for Young Visitors

Promotes the new booklet. The Royal Pavilion Young Visitors’ Guide and an accompanying poster.

Number 3

Pavilion Review 1985, issue 3

Pavilion Review 1985, issue 3

The China Trade: Exhibition Review

Critique of the exhibition held at Brighton Museum focusing on the ‘export art’, tea, porcelain and silverware in relation to trade. Lacquer and bamboo works / influences are also considered in context. The provenience of artefacts (in terms of where they were made) is explored in relation to issues of consumption.

A Princely Table

Recounts the recent acquisition of a Boulle writing table, the work of Louis Le Gaigneur, and its relevance to the Royal Pavilion.

The Wreck of the Amsterdam

The display of numerous artefacts, including bones at the Booth Museum, found on the wreck of the Amsterdam, a Dutch East Indiaman wrecked at Hastings over two centuries ago.

Portrait of an Aesthete

Discusses the portrait of David Horner recently presented to Brighton Museum. The article discusses Horner’s connection with Osbert Sitwell, and also the artist of the portrait, Philip Steegman.

Bloomsbury Portrait

Discusses the use of various mediums and the involvement of numerous relatives and connections in the production of a piece of work by a Bloomsbury Group member. The article focuses on photography and its use as a source in painting.

Book Fair and Conference 

Promotion of the Association of Art Historians 7th International Art Book and Journal Fair, to be held at Brighton.