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Pavilion Review 1984

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Index to articles published in the Pavilion Review in 1984.

Number 1

Pavilion Review 1984, issue 1

Pavilion Review 1984, issue 1

Pavilion Under Wraps

Discusses the issue of restoration to the exterior of the Royal Pavilion, including a brief history as well as referring to work that was currently being carried out.


Critique of Studio Glass Since 1945, an Exhibition of two hundred pieces of glass, made in Europe and America covering a forty-year period.

King George IV revisits Brighton

Reports on the making of caricatures, based on the prints of George Cruickshank as part of the children’s activities organized by the Museum’s service.

New Audio-Visual Display

A report on the recently installed slide-tape presentation on the pictorial history of the Royal Pavilion.

Dinosaurs on Computer

Scheme involving 27 trainees whom have produced a computer-based catalogue of the collections.

Art Deco: a New Catalogue

Promotion of the book, Art Nouveau, Art Deco and the Thirties. The article emphasizes that the twentieth-century decorative art Gallery was the only permanent major display, until the opening of the galleries at the V&A Museum during 1983.

Shocking Pink

Discussion of The Face of Mae West (usable as a surrealist apartment) by Salvador Dali and the ordering of five models of the ‘Mae West’s lips’ sofa by Edward James.

Number 2

Pavilion Review 1984, issue 2

Pavilion Review 1984, issue 2

The Prince Regent’s Chef Honoured

Covers the celebratory meal held at the Royal Pavilion in honour of the birth of the chef, Antonin Carême, whom had worked for the Prince Regent.

‘Brighton’s Heritage’

Recounts the opening of three new displays at Brighton Museum; one display was concerned with Brighton’s most influential citizens, a second, Brighton’s architecture (including the rescued ‘Cork Factory’) and lastly, the theme of entertainment.

Art Workers’ Guild: A Centenary Exhibition

Background information concerning the Art Workers’ Guild in relation to an exhibition to be held at Brighton Museum entitled ‘Beauty’s Awakening’ .

China Through Chinese Eyes?

Recounts the contemporary interest in ‘Chinese export pictures’, focusing on the work of Howqua.

Designs for the Pavilion: a New Book

Examines Designs and Drawings: the Making of the Royal Pavilion, Brighton. Written by John Morley, the book reproduces all the important surviving designs for the exterior and interior of the Pavilion, whether used or not.

Restoring the Pavilion Gardens

Provides a brief history of the Gardens in relation to the notion of the ‘picturesque’ and discusses how the project was to be put into practice.

A Settee Revived

Recounts the process of upholstering the settee in the entrance hall at Preston Manor.

Music Room Drawing

Discusses the detailed drawing recently bought at auction of the Music Room in the Royal Pavilion by Augustus Charles.

Rowlandson by the Sea

Critique of an exhibition of the engravings of Thomas Rowlandson. The exhibition looks at Rowlandson’s work during his time in Brighton in the reign of the Prince of Wales.

A Well beneath the Walls

Discovery of the remains of a well, which was found as a result of restoration work amid the foundations of the Royal Pavilion. This article details the well’s contents as types of rubble.

Number 3

Pavilion Review 1984, issue 3

Pavilion Review 1984, issue 3

The Unexpected Tissot

Examines the jardinière, which had recently been acquired by Brighton Museum, which formed part of an exhibition on Tissot’s work at the Barbican Art Gallery.

Lawrence Portrait on View

Discusses the work of Sir Thomas Lawrence, specifically the recently acquired Emily and Harriet Lamb as Children (painted in 1792) held in Brighton Museum.

The Chinese Room at Burton Constable

Describes the relationship between the interior and artefacts at Burton Constable near Hull with that at the Royal Pavilion.

Fashion Gallery Wins Award

The article celebrates Brighton museum winning the ‘Museum of the Year’ award, and emphasizes the social history aspect of the recently assembled Fashion Gallery.

Geological Society Formed

Discusses the establishment of a new society, the Brighton and Hove Geological Society, with its focal point being the Booth Museum of Natural History.

Visions of War

Examines the section of watercolours displayed at Brighton Museum in relation to the question ‘What is a War Artist?’

Peter De Wint, 1784-1849

Critique for a forthcoming exhibition at Brighton Museum of the watercolours by Peter De Wint.

A Nash Conservatory for the Gardens?

Plans found at the Royal Library, Windsor, for a conservatory at the Royal Pavilion, and the possibility of its being built.