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On the March: Regimental Cap Badges off to Shoreham Fort

Published by: Dan Robertson

From time to time the Collections team will transfer objects from Brighton & Hove Museums collection to other museums in the area who are more relevant or suitable to take ownership.

Gary Baines (Friends of Shoreham Fort) receiving a box of regimental cap badges from Dan Robertson
Gary Baines (Friends of Shoreham Fort) receiving a box of regimental cap badges from Dan Robertson

The latest is a box of 96 regimental cap badges originally acquired by Hove Museum in the 1980s.

When the separate museum services of Brighton and Hove merged in the late 1990s, their amalgamated collections resulted in some duplication. To date, approximately 600 regimental cap badges are recorded on the collections database: many more than is actually needed.

There are a couple of museums in the locality that specialise in military history, one being Shoreham Fort. They have received a few items from Brighton & Hove Museums over the past year or so and were only too happy to take these cap badges.

The fort will display and store them in such a way that will make them much more accessible to the public. Beneficial outcomes for Brighton & Hove Museums of further disposals (also known as rationalisation) include freeing space in stores and being able to focus our efforts on objects that are of value to our audiences.

Gary Baines from the Friends of Shoreham Fort took receipt of the cap badges at Preston Manor in May. He made mention of the fort’s current programming and upcoming activities.

They include a pop-up D-Day display at Marlipins Museum in Shoreham and the lighting of the fort’s beacon at 9:30 pm on Thursday 6 June to commemorate the D-Day anniversary.

For more information, check out their website and give them a follow on Facebook.

Regimental cap badge
Regimental cap badge