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Museum Tales 4: The Nymph

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The Nymph

They’ve asked me to take the part of the nymph in the forthcoming production of “The Nymph and the Prince,” written by Hermione Threadgold, and last performed on a London stage in 1920. It brought the house down then and, in fact, closed the theatre because the actress who played the Nymph removed most of the flowers on the garland which covered her top half; it was a sensation and the sale in opera glasses went through the roof. She left some strategically placed blossoms but nonetheless it was a sensation and the headlines in the papers read “Blooming Naughty Nymph.”

Well, frankly I’m worried. This production takes place in our village hall.

Moray Sanders


Inspiration: Ethel Gabain’s painting ‘The Nymph’