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Museum Tales 2: Pavilion Gardens

This is a legacy story from an earlier version of our website. It may contain some formatting issues and broken links.

The following piece was produced during the Creative Future Museum Tales course in the summer of 2014. The course, run in partnership with Brighton Museum and Art Gallery and funded by the Arts Council, enables marginalised writers to be inspired to write by museum artefacts and its surroundings.

Pavilion Gardens by Finn Andrews

It was a place I used to hang out when I was younger in the summer ten years ago. The sun was hot but there was a breeze. People used to meet as if by magic.

Different groups would linger and you could manoeuvre between them.

There were a few fights, mostly the homeless lot that came from the drinking club but that came with the territory. Tramp chic, trendy goths, townies and players.

Alcohol kept in their plastic bags in case of the old bill.

Now the fences are higher surrounding the garden, but you could still jump over them, if needed.