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Mid-Week Draw Online: Week 20

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This week Beth is naming the Draw, The Magpie and the Shiny Things! 

Beth has also captured her drawing in stages to share her process of creating a picture. We’d love to see yours.

© Lee Ismail


Tuba1. Pencil sketch, marking areas of light and shade

Tuba 2. Pastel added to show colour

Tuba 3. White pastel also added to highlight shine

Tuba 4. Charcoal used to emphasis darker areas

Tuba 5. Ink pen added to sharpen image up and add tonal background to show depth of the object

Join In

If you are tempted to have a go, please share your drawings with us! We would love to see them. Email them to Beth at

Tweet @BrightonMuseums or tag @brighton_museums on Instagram. If you are uploading them to Facebook with pride, share the url in the comments section below.

Come back next Wednesday to see what new objects Beth has chosen.

This week’s additional ideas:

  • Take a piece of paper and scrunch it up. Try to draw the folds and shadows it creates.
  • Find an interesting landscape either in real life, or a photograph and try to draw it in seven lines.
    There is no time limit – but you can only draw seven lines on your page. As soon as you lift the pen off the sketchbook, the line is counted and you only have seven lines in total. The exercise makes you think about the most important elements within the image as a means of representing it.

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Beth Burr, Museum Support Officer