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Introducing the Museum of Transology

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A short note from Janita Bagshawe, Head of Royal Pavilion & Museums, on our new Museum of Transology display, which opens in Brighton Museum tomorrow.

Our mission at the Royal Pavilion & Museums is to use our collections, buildings and knowledge to connect people to the past and help them understand the present in order to positively influence their future. The Museum of Transology at Brighton Museum is an inspiring example of the way that objects and personal stories can help us all better understand the present and positively influence the future.

Photo of E-J Scott holding a large Museum of Transology label

Curator E-J Scott, by Sharon Kilgannon at Alonglines Photography

The Museum of Transology is a bold, brave and profound collection of objects and photographs that began with donations from Brighton’s vibrant trans community. Curated by E-J Scott, it is now the largest collection representing trans people in the world. This highly intimate exhibition challenges the idea that gender is fixed, binary and biologically determined, by exploring how the objects reflect the participants’ self-determined gender journeys.

Photograph of lipstick and handwritten label

First makeup by Katy Davies, courtesy of Fashion Space Gallery

From hormones to prosthetics and campaigning t-shirts to lipstick – what brings the objects to life are the personal stories of hope, despair, confidence and desire. Trans lives have often been hidden, ignored, misunderstood and forgotten.  At times challenging and provocative this exhibition gives voice to the reality of trans lives. It is a moving and emotional experience, and one that we are proud to share with our visitors.

Janita Bagshawe, Head of Royal Pavilion & Museums