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International Museum Day: Animal Crossing

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a simulation computer game where you build your dream island and live in harmony with the cute little critters of Animal Crossing. The game often has exciting events for players to collect rewards and even build unique seasonal goodies for your home. It even has its very own museum run by the nocturnal museum keeper (Blathers). We have uploaded a few of our collections to make your very own Art Gallery.

Isabelle introduces International Museum Day. Animal Crossing™ and Nintendo Switch™ are trademarks of Nintendo.


Today marks the start of International Museum Day in Animal Crossing, which is a two week long event to collect stamps in the museum. Stamp Rally is an event where you collect stamps around the Animal Crossing museum exhibits for a reward.

Blathers explains Stamp Rally. Animal Crossing™ and Nintendo Switch™ are trademarks of Nintendo.


Another activity in the game is making custom designs. We thought it would be great to share some of our collections so you can have your very own Brighton Museum & Art Gallery in pixel form.

Showing off some of Brighton Museums collections in Animal Crossing. Animal Crossing™ and Nintendo Switch™ are trademarks of Nintendo.


Here are some of our collections that are ready to download. If you need help importing our collections, you will find instructions below.

Study of a dog’s head, 19th century

“Martha Gunn and the Prince of Wales” showing Martha Gunn holding the Prince Regent as a child.

George Seated by Sir Thomas Lawrence, 19th century

Thomas Alphonso Hayley as Puck. Oil painting by George Romney, 1792.

“Study for ‘His First Offence'” by Leandro Ramon Garrido



You will need access to a smartphone and the internet to download the designs on your Nook phone (your in-game phone).


1: Make sure you have the Nintendo Switch App for your smartphone.

2: NookLink: Tom Nook will take you through the settings on your Nintendo Switch.

3: Back to your smartphone, tap Animal Crossing and NookLink will load.

4: Use the design feature to scan the QR code of the design that you want to use in your game.

5: Pop back to your Nintendo Switch and use your Nook phone to download the design.

6: Bingo! You now have a nifty Brighton Museum design to show off on your Animal Crossing island.


We can’t wait to see how you use our collections on your island. Tag us @brightonmuseums


Nicola Adams, Digital Marketing Officer