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Inspired by the Royal Pavilion and the Beatles

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The Royal Pavilion has long served as a source of inspiration. Whether you are an artist, writer or simply enjoy making a creative twist on a local landmark, its a palace of possibilities.

One of our members, Kit Connor, has shared two photographs he has created of the Royal Pavilion, combining his fondness for the building with a love of the Beatles.

Good Day Sunshine

Image credit: Kit Connor

Titled ‘Good Day Sunshine’, thsi photo references the Beatles’ ‘Good Morning Sunshine’, from their LP Revolver.

The Beatles link with Brighton is they performed at the Hippodrome Theatre three times in the 60s. They delivered two performances every night and were paid £850 the last time they performed.

Golden Slumbers

Photo showing Royal Pavilion at sunset with orange sky

Image credit: Kit Connor

Golden Slumbers became famous for a second time with Elbow’s version for the John Lewis 2017 Christmas TV advert.

The two pictures bookend a perfect Brighton summer. Good Morning Sunshine captures a morning just like today, April sunshine. Golden Slumbers shows an autumnal afternoon, as the sun sets behind the Royal Pavilion.

If you are a Beatles’ fan, the titles also bookend their career: Good Morning Sunshine from Revolver (1966) and Golden Slumbers at the end of their career from Abbey Road (1969).

Have you been inspired by the Royal Pavilion?

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