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Ice-skating at the Royal Pavilion

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Royal Pavilion Ice RinkI’ve just booked up our annual trip to one of the BEST things ever about living in Brighton – the fantastic ice-skating at the Royal Pavilion.

I can honestly say it is one of the most exciting and exhilarating highlights of my entire year.

It’s the fifth year the outside rink has been in the grounds of the Pavilion and there is nothing more Christmassy than gliding on the ice alongside the beautifully lit palace.

Some people hate ice-skating – they feel out of control, their knees lock and they spend most of their time panicking they’re going to fall over. When you’re a kid, falling over doesn’t hurt so much and falling as an adult can feel quite terrifying.

A couple of years ago, I ended up with concussion after a fall while holding hands with my son and hurtling around the rink. He slightly changed direction and I fell back and bashed my head. I definitely saw stars. That night I ended up at A&E, with the nurse shaking her head knowingly when I said it was at the ice rink.

Still it didn’t stop me and I was back about a week later, a little more cautious at the beginning, but once I got my confidence back, just as happy to whizz around feeling the cold air on my cheeks with a huge big grin on my face. It makes me feel like a big kid again and for that hour, I feel completely carefree and joyful

We’ve booked for Christmas Eve again this year and I can’t wait.  There’ll be skating, some mulled wine and then home to wait for you-know-who to visit

To find out more visit the Royal Pavilion Ice Rink website for tickets and prices.

Caroline Sutton, Blogger in Residence