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Hoppy success at Preston Manor

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Following a fantastic summer, there has been a bumper crop in the first year of the Brighton Hop Project at Preston Manor.

Hops growing at Preston Manor, 2017

The volunteer-led community project crowdfunded to raise cash in 2016 for the purchase of hop plants which have been planted around Brighton & Hove.

Around 40 plant rhizomes and start up materials were distributed among 11 different growing ‘farm’ sites in various venues.

Preston Manor walled garden was the biggest site with ten plants in all. Museum garden staff worked to care for the plants.

Development and Operations Manager, Preston Manor Chris Drake said; “ We didn’t expect there to be a useful crop this year, but the plants have in fact been very productive and it appears a limited run beer can be brewed using hops from one of the two varieties grown here.”

The volunteers for the project have been talking to local brewers who hope to create a beer soon from the produce.

In addition, the project has inspired a number of art projects by the organiser Matt Redman. To find out more visit the Brighton Hop Project website.

Caroline Sutton, Press Officer