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Half Term Science: DIY Animal Diorama

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What do animals on our doorstep need to survive? What do they use for shelter and food? What plants are vital to their survival?

In this family craft activity, inspired by the dioramas at the Booth Museum of Natural History, discover how to make the perfect habitat for your favourite animal. Our Booth Museum volunteer Amy Charlton chose a local Sussex species, the Brown-long eared bat, just in time for Halloween! Which animal will you choose?

Brown long-eared bat diorama by Amy Charlton, Booth Museum volunteer

Step-by-step instructions


For step-by-step instructions, download the DIY Diorama instructions

Need some inspiration?

  • Need help choosing an animal? Sussex Wildlife Trust has some handy tips on what species you can find this month 
  • Learn more about wildlife on your doorstep in Sussex in our Nature at Home series
  • View a gallery of the Booth Museum’s dioramas
  • There are 18 species of bat in the UK. In Sussex all 18 have been recorded, with some species being found in local parks in Brighton including St Ann’s Wells. Find out more through from the Sussex Bat Group.

Amy Charlton, Booth Museum Volunteer