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HA104438 – The Royal Suspension Chain Pier, Brighton, G Sindello, Late 19th Century

Published by: Andrew Bradstreet
Model of the Chain Pier
Model of the Chain Pier

Part of the One Minute Wonders trail, a story written by one of our volunteers, inspired by objects on display.

By Andrew Bradstreet

You can tell by the chains that this pier is neither of our two remaining piers here in Brighton.

Many people forget that piers were originally landing docks for carrying travellers from the steamers out at sea to the shore.

It was Captain Brown, inventor of the iron chains, who built this pier in 1823. It was 1030 feet long, and approx. 12 feet wide.

There were many entertainments along it: a bazaar, a library, a silhouette artist, a camera obscura, a chiropodist and even someone to weigh you!

The old pier’s entry kiosks are now found at the entrance of Palace Pier, as well as the cannon that was fired to tell people a ship was arriving or departing.

Model of the Chain Pier
Model of the Chain Pier