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East Lawn TLC

Published by: Rob Boyle, Head Gardener

This is a legacy story from an earlier version of our website. It may contain some formatting issues and broken links.

You may have noticed some interesting activity on the East Lawn of the Pavilion Estate over the past few weeks.

Since the deinstallation of the ice rink, the garden and pond have received some much-needed TLC. As we prepare to reopen the lawn for the public to enjoy the glorious spring sunshine, take a look at why it has been fenced off.

It began with the reinstatement of new turf on the East Elevation lawn.

We’ve been lucky this winter in not receiving regular heavy downpours, which can hinder both soil preparation and re-turfing. So plans began to rotavate the compacted soil surface in readiness for turf laying.

Fencing was left in place around the new turf until it established a rootzone. We were hoping for Easter, although the plan was subject to change and dictated by our unpredictable weather! But we got lucky. 

The re-turfing team lay 1000s of rolls of turf for the lawn to return to its magnificent green.

Time was needed for it to bed in, as long as the pesky seagulls stayed away!

We bought a new hawk decoy and waited to see if Brighton seagulls would fall for such a ruse!

After the lawn, came the pond clean. Thankfully the Sussex Pond Doctor was on hand to help and gave it a much needed drain and clean – look at some of the discarded items they fished out of there!

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Now the lawn has reopened for everyone to sit, relax and enjoy. Please do so and take care to treat it kindly, so it doesn’t fall to the dark side again.

Rob Boyle, Head Gardener