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CT000177 – Shoes, Elmira, 1933 (story 2)

Published by: Dani Tabakova
C000177 – Shoes, Elmira, 1933
CT000177 – Shoes, Elmira, 1933

Part of the One Minute Wonders trail, a story written by one of our volunteers, inspired by objects on display.

By Dani Tabakova

Well-worn pointed shoes. The ribbons glisten with golden elements, the box and soles of the shoes are broken-in and stained.

Les Ballets, 1933 was a short-lived company which aimed to create their own ballet performance compositions that had not yet been choreographed.

The golden ribbons of the shoe reflect Les Ballets 1933’s youthful and daring venture into performing for the wealthy audiences of Paris and London.

The ballet’s productions include scores by Tchaikovsky and Beethoven. But, ending the season without profit, Les Ballets 1933 was forced to close.

The founder of Les Ballets went on to open the School of American Ballet, and the works of the former company were put to use as this new venture flourished.

C000177 – Shoes, Elmira, 1933
CT000177 – Shoes, Elmira, 1933