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Climate Conversations

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Today is the UN’s World Environment Day and this year’s focus is biodiversity. To mark the occasion, the Booth Museum team and our specialist partners are starting a new Climate Conversations series to highlight the crisis and what actions are being taken to counter it.

Accelerated climate change is one of the main human actions that are contributing to biodiversity loss but…

It’s not all doom and gloom!

Through blogs, quizzes, and activities, we will focus not just on the impact the climate crisis has had on biodiversity, but will be sharing the positive actions people are making to ensure our environment will be saved for future generations.

Photo of the South Downs © Lee Ismail

Photo of the South Downs © Lee Ismail

Why is the Booth Museum talking about the climate crisis and biodiversity?

Geology specimen, photo © Lee Ismail

The Booth Museum of Natural History holds a collection of roughly one million historical natural history specimens. These specimens give key insights into how the climate and biodiversity has fluctuated over millions of years. Our geology collection helps show us how our planet’s environment has changed dramatically, going through five periods of mass extinction caused by cataclysmic events.

Ammonites from the Booth collection, © Lee Ismail

Our extant species collection holds specimens from the 1700s to the present day and includes an array of birds, mammals, insects and marine life. This collection contains a huge amount of data which can show us the dramatic changes in biodiversity caused by human impact. We will use our collections online to highlight the biodiversity that is threatened by climate change and help aid discussion.  Working with our specialist partners we hope to show you that many people are trying to combat the climate crisis and ensure biodiversity is protected for future generations. We can all do our bit and are all in this together.

Insects from the Booth collection, © Lee Ismail

Insects from the Booth collection, © Lee Ismail

We hope you enjoy the Climate Conversations series

Grace Brindle, Collections Assistant