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Brunswick Lawns, Hove, 1900

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This watercolour is a view of Brunswick Lawns on Hove seafront, looking east. It was painted in 1900 and attributed to Clair Cripps.

Signs of the times

We usually use Close Look to invite people to look at the detail in objects in our collections. But in this charming painting of Hove seafront, there is not much detail to be seen.

So you can simply enjoy a snapshot of Edwardian people enjoying a summer walk on the promenade. Or, like me, you can speculate on what the three signs on the fence in the centre foreground say.

In a scene of relaxation and pleasure, these notices seem abrupt and officious, even though we have no idea what they actually say. But it’s clear that no one seems to be taking much notice of them.

Author: Kevin Bacon, Digital Manager

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