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Brighton from the West Pier

Published by: Megan Stratford
Figures on a pier, sea behind.

Brighton from the West Pier

Drawing by Douglas Fox-Pitt, c1910.

A story for the One Minute Wonders display in Brighton Museum & Art Gallery.

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Figures on a pier, sea behind.
Figures on a pier, sea behind.

Of the four beach paintings displayed by Fox-Pitt, this one is definitely the most colourful. Its vibrancy holds the excitement of the visitors to Brighton!

In a sense of foreshadowing, Fox-Pitt has painted a little girl near the centre who looks as if she is drawing. Maybe she represents himself painting Brighton.

The girl’s relatives next to her look as if they are gossiping. What scandals happening in Edwardian Brighton might they be discussing?

Maybe they’re discussing the ghost sightings at Preston Manor? Or maybe they are deciding whether to pay the Royal Pavilion a visit?

We as an audience are just like the woman in the orange jacket. Close to the gossip but not close enough to hear it. What do you think they are talking about?

Figures on a pier, sea behind.