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Booth Museum Bird of the Month, June 2019: Sylvia atricapilla

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The Booth Bird of the Month for June is the Sylvia atricapilla or Blackcap.

The name comes from the black cap of the male bird. The females have reddish-brown caps. This is a good time of year to see them in parks, woodland or gardens.

The blackcap is a warbler and has a striking song, which may first alert you to their presence and location. It is sometimes called the northern or mock nightingale because of its song.

Blackcaps are summer visitors, though those from Germany and north-east Europe are increasingly spending winters in the UK. Blackcaps are also found in western Asia and northwestern Africa. Despite pressure from springtime hunters, their range is increasing.

Sylvia atricapilla, Blackcap

Kerrie Curzon, Collections Assistant and Lee Ismail, Curator of Natural Sciences