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Bite-size nature talks at Booth Museum of Natural History Jan-April 2020

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This season at the Booth we have an exciting programme of free pop-up talks on local nature, conservation and what’s going on behind the scenes at the museum.

  • Selected Fridays, 2-2:30pm, free admission

Here is our Bite-size talk menu for Jan-April 2020

31 January  New Gallery at the Booth!

Curator Lee Ismail in the bone gallery Photo by Jim Holden

Curator Lee Ismail in the bone gallery Photo by Jim Holden

Natural Sciences Curator Lee Ismail will discuss exciting plans for our new gallery at the Booth Museum of Natural History.

28 February Dolphins of Sussex

Common_dolphin_NOAA NMFS [Public domain]

Common_dolphin_NOAA NMFS [Public domain]

Discover the suprising marine life that lives right on your doorstep! Believe it or not, the Brighton & Sussex coastline is home to an array of mammals including dolphins, porpoises and seals! Learn more about ‘Our Living Coast’ and how YOU can get involved with whale and dolphin conservation. With Simon McPherson, Project Coordinator, Brighton Dolphin Project.

27 March The Dinosaurs of Sussex

Join master geologist John Cooper to discover the dinosaurs that roamed Sussex. See the landscape of our Biosphere in a new light and discover what is looked like millions of years ago, see some fascinating specimens from our collections. When you next walk along our chalky cliffs you may see our Sussex landscape in a new light!

24 April Sussex Marine Life: Past and Present

Common cuttlefish, Marie Bournonville [CC BY-SA (]

Common cuttlefish, Marie Bournonville [CC BY-SA (]

The marine life we have in Sussex today is quite different from that of the past. Join Dr Gerald Legg to discover the changes to marine biodiversity from the 18th century to now. Learn what the main causes of these changes are including climate change, human activity and introduced species. Learn what you can do to protect marine life in our beautiful Biosphere.

A Nature2020 event

The Royal Pavilion & Museums is a partner in Nature2020, a year-long programme of events and activities to celebrate and highlight the natural environment of The Living Coast: Brighton and Lewes Downs’ UNESCO designated world Biosphere. We are hosting a variety of free activities, events and exhibitions exploring the natural world and our own local environment across the year, look out for events marked A Nature2020 event.

A calendar of events hosted by all participating groups can be found on the Nature2020 website