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A Trip To Brighton

This is a legacy story from an earlier version of our website. It may contain some formatting issues and broken links.

Extracted from:

Sussex and other Rhymes

by James Harvey

Published in 1919 by Hearth Cranton Ltd, London.

Booth Museum of British Birds, Dyke Road

Booth Museum of British Birds, Dyke Road


Tom:               You can’t see Brighton in a day,

You want about a month to stay;

To-day I’ll own, our track’s been wrong,

But next time we’ll keep with the throng

We’ll make the trip a special here,

At London Bridge, I’ll meet you there;

Rain, hail or snow, just bring your stick,

That Bird Museum, you’ll say is thick;

A’Thursday we will have to come,

I hear you say already, “Some!”


Harry:              What, just to see a few stuffed birds?


Tom:               Just whisper, please! Just mind your words!

You see there are so few about;

This stretch of sea, it shuts them out,

And, as for sea-gulls, what are they!

They’re half and half, on fish they prey,

And sand, and earthworms eat as well;

No song from swimming birds does swell,

Except the dying swan, they say

A’welcoming the fatal day;

These trams go straight to the Museum,

And then you’ll see the crowd that’s in ‘em;

We’ll see the “Allegorical,” too,

And for a day’s trip that will do.

Please note that although the ‘trams’ still go straight to the Booth Museum (Buses 27 and 14), the Museum now closes all day Thursdays! We are open every other day 10am – 5pm (closing for lunch 12 – 1.15pm), Sundays 2-5pm. Entry is free of charge.

John Cooper, Keeper of Natural Sciences