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A Poem for the Pavilion

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Earlier today, we were visited by the Beech class of St Giles School, Horsted Keynes. The pupils wrote this poem about a Royal Pavilion dragon. We like it a lot, and thought we’d share it with you.

The Brighton Pavilion Dragon

Body as flexible as a gymnast,
as bendy as a rubber tube.
Scales as strong as a suit of armour,
smooth as they can be.

Lashing tail, deadly as cobra’s poison,
coils of silver-plated muscle
glistening in the light of the chandelier
As long as a giant python.

Teeth as sharp as diamond daggers.
Forked tongue, gritty like sandpaper.
Bloodshot eyes as big as bowling balls.
Volcanic fire like a scorching oven.

Wings patterned with a leaf-like structure,
twisting and turning like shiny, leather parachutes.
Silver palm trees, bony like a skeleton,
shimmering wildly under the moonlight.

By Beech class, St Giles School, Horsted Keynes

Well done Beech class!