The Elaine Evans Archaeology Gallery
New gallery opened on 26 January 2019

Whitehawk Woman
Whitehawk Woman

At the heart of this brand new family friendly Archaeology gallery are seven forensically accurate 3D facial reconstructions revealing the faces of our ancestors and the people who would have been present in and around Brighton and Hove from the Ice Age to the Saxon era.

Using modern scientific technology, research into the lives of people buried in Brighton and Hove has discovered a wealth of mystery, drama and tragedy through stories of toothache, malnutrition, childbirth and possibly murder!

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Now you can see exactly what these people looked like and explore the local environment through digital reconstructions. Marvel at mysterious objects that were found in Brighton and Hove. What were Sussex Loops for exactly? How did the world famous Bronze Age Amber Cup come to be here? And what is the story of the beautiful Woodingdean Stag?

Follow the story of time-traveller Elva as she journeys through the centuries in a specially commissioned set of children’s stories by local children’s author Imogen White and local artist Jennifer Khatun, and listen to the ambient sounds of our prehistoric ancestors at work. Many of the items in the new gallery have not been on public display for over 20 years.

Elaine Evans with local school pupils. Copyright The Argus

Where is it?

The Archaeology gallery is located on the ground floor of Brighton Museum, directly off the 20th Century Art & Design gallery.