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Artist Call Out – Paid Opportunity



Windrush Community Day, Hove Museum of Creativity, 22 June 2024, 12pm – 4pm

We are looking for artists, creatives, story-tellers etc to run family-friendly activities on Windrush Day at Hove Museum of Creativity.
This could be anything from carnival mask-making to creative writing, from Kenyan nursery rhymes to traditional Indian games – or something we haven’t thought of!

What the Community Day is about

This will be an outdoor event. Hove Museum will be open from 10am – 5pm if families want to explore the museum (free).

  •  Collecting stories of migration

Every family story of migration is a piece of our city’s rich tapestry of diversity and culture. Brighton & Hove Museums invites the community to share Windrush stories and other stories of migration to add to our local history knowledge.

We’re asking people to bring along their memorabilia and photos – or perhaps simply tell us their story – so we can take a quick snapshot.
We will then work with community partners to select some stories to follow-up and form part of our local history collection.

  • Celebrating stories of migration

From Commonwealth citizens who answered the call for help in the Windrush era to more recent journeys from every corner of the globe, every journey is special. Every journey is worth celebrating.
Alongside live steel drum music and food, we’re looking for local artists and creatives to help us celebrate these stories – and the people that have helped make Brighton & Hove such a vibrant city.

How to apply
Email: with the following details:

  • Name and contact details of yourself/your organisation
  • Details of the activity you want to provide, including how much space is needed, whether any licenses are required, how many people can take part at a time and how many sessions (if applicable) can be run between 12pm and 4pm
  • Details of set-up time required and what Brighton & Hove Museums needs to provide
  • Your quote for providing the session, including set-up and pack-up time.

Deadline for submissions is midday on Wednesday 12 June.



Photo by Eye for Ebony
Photo by Eye for Ebony