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An Egg-ducating Display at the Booth Museum

Sussex artist Tony Ladd installed a display of replica British Bird eggs for our Learning department on the 22nd of April 2024.

He has painstakingly recreated each egg, and painted them to accurately show the colouration and appearance of those birds eggs. He has based his work on studying historic bird egg collections in museums (which included many visits to the Booth Museum) and the hope is these eggs will educate and inspire people (especially children) without any need to take eggs from wild birds – a practice which is completely illegal (Wild Bird Eggs and the Law – Protect the Wild).

The installation of our new display was filmed for a television broadcast, with a very special guest. Keep an eye on our social media for news of a broadcast date.

Be sure to check out Tony’ s display next time you pop to the Booth.

Tony Ladd stands in front of his egg display at the Booth Museum
Tony Ladd's egg display at the Booth Museum