‘Bandelures’ Caricature print

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A satirical print dating from 1791 featuring the Prince of Wales reclining on a sofa and leaning against Mrs. Fitzherbert. He is playing with a ‘bandelure’ (yo-yo) at the end of a string which he holds round the second finger of his raised right hand. Sheridan leans over the back of the sofa, embracing Mrs. Fitzherbert and thrusting his hand inside her decolletage. She puts her left hand on Sheridan’s cheek, her right arm is round the Prince. The expressions of all three excellently indicate their preoccupations. 

Beneath the design is etched:

‘————“thus sits the Dupe, content!
“Pleases himself with Toys, thinks Heav’n secure,
“Depends on Woman’s smiles, & thinks the Man
“His Soul is wrap’d in, can be nought but true;
“Fond Fool, arouse! shake off thy childish Dream,
“Behold Love’s falshood, Friendships perjur’d troth;
“Nor sit & sleep, for all around the World,
“Thy shame is known, while thou alone art blind –
Blackmore’ 28 February 1791
Hand-coloured etching

34.5 x 45.5cm


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