‘Looking East’ one of the five Silhouette dresses © The House of Embroidered Paper. Photograph by Ray Sullivan

The Regency Wardrobe

19 March to 11 September 2022

Free with Royal Pavilion admission

At the Royal Pavilion a display of costumes inspired by Regency history tell stories of seafront walking, grand balls and musical evenings.

Each unique piece is created by artist Stephanie Smart, crafted from only paper and thread.

The Regency Wardrobe is a collection of imagined garments reflecting the fashion, style and history of the Regency period, including the Royal Pavilion interiors and Brighton high society. Ballgowns, walking dresses, parasols and bags bring life to the magnificent interiors of the Royal Pavilion.

The centrepiece of the exhibition is a new dress created for the Royal Pavilion and on display in the magnificent Music Room. Symphony of Stars is a stunning life-sized court dress inspired by the architecture of the Music Room and the Chinese wallpaper in the palace.

The Regency Wardrobe collection has been created with the help of a team of volunteers.

Find out more about Stephanie Smart and The Regency Wardrobe collection

The other pieces from The Regency Wardrobe collection are on display at Worthing Museum & Art Gallery

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