We take the safety and security of our visitors very seriously. Security will be present throughout the site at the Royal Pavilion.

Security staff may conduct bag and manual searches upon entry. It is a condition of entry that the ticket holder consents to being searched.

If you’re visiting the Royal Pavilion we want you to have a great time, so please take note of the things we are doing to help everybody have a safe and enjoyable experience.

Please allow for additional time for security checks when arriving at the Royal Pavilion.

What are we doing?  

  • We’ll be searching bags that comes into the Royal Pavilion (excluding suitcases which are not allowed in the building for conservation reasons). The visitor should places their bags and belongings on a table and step back; the security officer will then step forward and conduct a manual search of the items.
  • The security officer may conduct a manual search of the visitor from behind (thus reducing face to face contact). A hand-held metal detector will be used to search the individual for metallic items. If the metal detector alarms, the visitor will be asked to remove items from that area and the area should then be re-checked.
  • You could also be searched once you are in the Royal Pavilion.
  • We’ve worked closely with Sussex Police and other emergency services to plan a safe experience for everyone.

Prohibited Items

  • Bicycles, electric scooters, mobility scooters and other large mobility vehicle (excluding motorized wheelchairs)
  • Fireworks, Candles or naked flames
  • Dangerous or hazardous items at the discretion of the security staff
  • Flags or any large items that could accidentally hit our collections
  • Chewing gum, Spray Paint, Food and drink or any other items that could stain or cause a damage
  • Suitcases, shopping trolley or any wheeled items that can damage our carpets (excluding wheelchairs)
  • Illegal or Unidentifiable Substances: If substances are found and as we cannot prove they are illegal drugs, any alarming substances should be presumed to be illegal and seized. In this case the visitor can continue their visit. If anybody is found in possession of a large quantity of drugs, Police will be called.
  • Knives or weapons, this includes:
    • Banned knives as per government guidelines available at this link: https://www.gov.uk/buying-carrying-knives
    • Firearms including CS Gas Canisters and Pepper Sprays
    • Any knife with a blade over 3inches (7.62cm)
    • Lock Knife (has blades that can be locked and refolded only by pressing a button or twist mechanism) even if has blade less than 3inches (7.62cm)

Coming to the Royal Pavilion does not constitute a work reason so the “use at work” defence does not apply to any bladed items carried by our visitors. Any bladed articles which are carried as part of a national traditional costume such as “dirk” and “sgian-dubh” in Scotland, “seax” in England, or as part of a religious faith such as “Kirpan” of Sikh community, could be allowed into the Royal Pavilion at the discretion of the Duty Manager.

At our discretion we may refuse entry to anyone if we deem a threat exists. Each situation will be considered on its own merit.