Frequently asked questions about how you can sponsor a virtual room in the Royal Pavilion.

What is the difference between Silver and Gold sponsorship?

Silver Sponsors are entitled to leave their name and a message on the virtual room of their choice. The minimum donation varies from room to room.

Gold Sponsors can leave a message like Silver Sponsors but will also receive a high-quality photographic print of their sponsored room. Gold Sponsorship requires a minimum donation of £150.

How do I make a donation?

Donations must be made online using our CAF donate page. Once you have made your donation you will be given a link to an online form on our website. Here you can add your name and message to be added to the virtual room.

Where will my message sit?

Initially, we will add sponsors’ messages to the main virtual tour. If we receive so many sponsors’ messages that they start to cover the room, we will move them to a separate version of that room.

How long before my message goes live?

We need to verify your donation and add it to the virtual room. We may need three working days to do this.

When will I receive my print?

Prints for Gold Sponsors should be posted out within five working days of your donation. If we need to commission fresh prints to be made we will let you know if there is a delay.

How long will my message remain live?

We will keep your message live and maintain the virtual tour for at least three years. If we decide to rebuild the virtual tour within three years, we will move your message to the new version.

What can I include in my message?

That is entirely down to you. You could say how much you love that particular room or the Royal Pavilion as a whole. You could dedicate the message to someone you know.

However, you should not:

  • Swear or use any aggressive language
  • Reveal any information about someone that they would not agree to sharing
  • Re-use any text that might be protected by copyright

We will contact you if we are concerned about your message.

Can my message be made anonymously?

Of course. Just leave your name blank when completing the form.

You can also choose to become a sponsor and not leave a message at all.

Does my message have to be in English?

Providing we can understand enough through Google Translate to check it, you are welcome to use the language of your choice. We are proud that the Royal Pavilion has international appeal!